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Conceive, Collaborate, Create

The Moosnick Maker space inspires creativity, connects community and facilitates collaboration through multi-disciplinary and ever evolving activities for all ages.  Combining principals of art and science, the Maker Space provides a “zone” for self-directed learning, collaboration and intergenerational exchanges through an open concept of sharing materials and ideas and adding on to what was created before.

With a variety of rotating activity bins, as well as facilitated activities, guests will enjoy building, creating, designing, experimenting, wiring, animating, and repurposing a host of interesting materials!   Activities often provide deeper learning experiences related to current exhibits or programs at the LASC.

The Moosnick Maker’s Space is open free to the public Monday – Friday 8:30 – 5pm. There is always something fun to create in this flexible space, self-guided space. During special events, activities are led by instructors and change monthly. Stop by and create with us!

October In the Maker’s Space: Monarch Mania

Using simple materials and the science of chromatography we’ll make a kaleidoscope of monarchs to fill the Maker Space. Learn how scientists use chromatography, the separation of a mixture,  to solve crimes while making beautiful art. Create your own chromatographic butterfly to take home and collaborate to fill the Maker Space with strings of migrating monarchs.


November In the Maker’s Space: It’s Physics! – Building Retro Toys

Before electronics, toys used physics to entertain. Collaborate with friends and family to build your own toys that WOW. Using basic physics principles, create spinners or Jacob’s ladders, balloon racers or amazing floating balls. Take them home and impress friends and family with your retro physics inspired toys.

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