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Catching the Wind: The Nature and Science Of Flight

Venture into the realm of things that glide, flutter, and fly in this dynamic world of flight, aerodynamics, and energy.  From animal structure and function activities to STEAM focused flight design challenges; your imagination will soar in this zone of hands-on discovery.

Investigate the phenomena of animal flight with discovery stations featuring wing structure and function, the evolution of flight, migration, and adaptation. Explore the physics and design elements of flight while peeking into the past to learn about the history and current trends of aerodynamic design.

Imaginations will soar as you…

  • Delve into the world of flying creatures as you interact with hands-on structure, function, and biodiversity activities! From dragonflies to flying squirrels, learn how these animals have adapted, survived, and flourished in their ecosystems
  • Simulate flight with zip lines, flight suits, Bernoulli box experiments, and more
  • Take flight with a Monarch butterfly and become an expert migration tracker
  • Engineer your own form of aerial locomotion – from parachutes and rockets to planes and gliders
  • Test your flying machine designs in the LASC wind tunnel and use the engineering design process to improve your prototype
  • Catch the wind and learn about air force while navigating a sailboat with various tools
  • Adopt a rescue raptor with your class to experience rehabilitation and release flight with your students after your visit

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The LASC is open and free to the public during the week.
Check our hours and admission before your visit or call (859) 252-5222 with any questions.

Opening in September…

CuriOdyssey: Extreme Habitat Expedition

Climb aboard a historic vessel as you voyage around the globe on an unforgettable, hands-on extreme habitat expedition!  In celebration of the 500th anniversary of Ferdinand Magellan’s historic circumnavigation of the globe, embark on your own exploratory odyssey and discover the history and new findings of past and present scientists and explorers!

While on board the ship, chart the course you wish to take to explore a wide range of habitats including polar regions, deserts, the deep sea, caves, glaciers, tropical rainforests, the International Space Station, and more!  Discover and interact with ancient and cutting edge navigation tools – from maps and compasses to GPS and satellite technologies.

Wander, discover, and stay curious about the diverse life forms supported by these unique ecosystems as you explore each region’s hands-on experiment and observation stations.

Interact with scientists in Antarctica in real time via skype, choose an explorer’s costume to try, plan your expedition and chart your course, meet LIVE animals from various regions and discover important environments and animal adaptations.  Venture underground as you explore our crawl in cave and dive deep to explore the ocean depths in our deep sea capsule.  Also learn how our own species can best protect these fragile and biologically unique ecosystems.

Teachers, book your 2019/2020 field trips now by calling Katherine at (859) 252-5222.


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