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2017/2018 Discovery Exhibit
How Things Work: Engineering + Innovation

Active STEAM Learning for Kindergarten – High School

From concept to construction, students actively participate in STEAM education while learning about energy, motion, force, and other engineering concepts. Students will design, build, and test their ideas, solving problems and finding creative solutions along the way.

• Explore force, energy and motion through experiments with a giant  Newton’s Cradle, magnetic ball/tube walls, pulley systems, catapults, parachutes and more.  Six simple machines will interactively demonstrate concepts including levers, wheel and axle, inclined plane, pulley and screw.

• Delve into the artistry and innovation of engineering concepts and designs throughout history – from the pyramids of Giza to the International Space Station!  Soak up the engineering brilliance of Leonardo da Vinci, Alexander Graham Bell, Gustave Eiffel, and Emily Warren Roebling, among others!

Discover the many facets of engineering with hands-on learning:

Structural Engineering: build arches, bridges, and ball runs. Discover how animals design and build for survival.

Mechanical Engineering: experiment with large scale simple machines, gears, and magnetic ball/ tube walls.

Electrical Engineering: delve into the fun of circuits that create movement, light, and sound.

Software Engineering: operate robots, Makey Makeys, and discover the art and science of 3D printing.

Aerospace Engineering: create parachutes, try the human gyroscope, experiment with hovercrafts, and more.

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