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Lori Halligan (Executive Director):

Jeffrey Nichols (Gallery Director)

Katherine Bullock (Discovery Education Director)

Debbie Harner (Lead Discovery Educator)

Angela Carbone (Art Education Coordinator)

Kristin Voskuhl (Marketing Director)

Meg Coughlin (Administrative Assistant)

Ethan Sharp (Grant Program Manager)

Steven Littrell (Digital, Facilities, and Systems Manager )

Dany Waller (Planetarium Coordinator)

Ashlee Collins (Discovery Educator):

Anna Fedorchuk (Discovery Educator):

Heather Donlan (Discovery Educator):

Derek Wilson (Reception):

JoAnna Scates (VISTA):

General Inquiries:

The Living Arts and Science Center
362 N. Martin Luther King Blvd.
Lexington, Kentucky 40508

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Phone: (859) 252-5222 / 255-2284
Fax: 255-7448

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