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Teaching virtually is challenging, but the Living Arts & Science Center is here to help support you and your students! You can bring one of our professionally trained artists and experienced educators to your classroom VIRTUALLY, or work directly with our staff to create and facilitate companion activities to your lessons. 

Book an outreach TODAY! Just complete the inquiry form above and our education team will contact you with a confirmation.

See a full list of educational offerings below. 

NOTE: We are all booked up for the summer of 2021! We hope to see you again in the fall!


  • 45-50 min
  • $100 per session
  • Multi-sessions available

Kentucky Wildlife: (K-5th) Explore Kentucky’s incredible wilderness as we discuss and observe some of our state’s native species! Attend a virtual meet-and-greet session with some of the Livings Arts and Science Center’s animal ambassadors and speak directly with an educator as they discuss adaptations, diversity, and survival. The Kentucky Wildlife Outreach is designed to engage students and elevate interest in Kentucky wildlife while supporting Next Generation Science Standards.

Animals and Habitats: (K-5th) From the deserts in Australia to the rain forests in Madagascar, explore diversity among animal species from around the world and learn about the features that make a habitat suitable for living things! Students will virtually interact with live animals while comparing their physical and behavioral characteristics. Further, students will learn about how structures and functions give clues to the habitats that living organisms are adapted to live in. This outreach supports Next Generation Science Standards.

Urban Ecology: (3rd-8th) Even though we don’t always see them, humans share their environments with various animal species! Take a closer look at the relationship between living and nonliving things in the world around us and how animals survive in urban and suburban places. We will discuss adaptations, ecosystems, and ways people can better support local wildlife. Students will also make discoveries by dissecting their own owl pellet while learning about the intricate food web. This outreach supports Next Generation Science Standards. *This outreach requires a hands-on activity- LASC can prepare drop-off kits. Additional materials fee for groups over 15.

Math and Art: PI City Skyline: (K-5th) You don’t need to be in advanced mathematics to participate in this math art project! Students will make graphed skylines with any series of numbers but it becomes much more fun as a way to create and celebrate PI City.

Virtual Art Gallery Tour: (K-12th) Take a guided virtual tour of one of the LASC’s many art galleries.

Literacy in ACTion: (K-5th) Learn how to bring a story to life! Through the use of movement, pantomime, puppetry, story dramatization and group discussion, students will acquire language and communication skills, social awareness, problem-solving abilities, and an understanding of theatre and storytelling.

Designing Theatre: (3rd-12th) Dive into the world of creating theatre! Using a well-known story, or a completely unique idea, your students will learn how theatre professionals design the costumes, sets, props, and more!

The Living ThinkLASC has unveiled a new YouTube channel called The Living Think. There you will find  free video resources and lesson plans that align with state standards. Bring these fun characters into your class virtually with any outreach listed above.




Want more information on how the LASC can support you and your students? Call or email today. (Discovery Educator, Arts) (Discovery Educator, Sciences)

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