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Discovery Night: Scales + Tales – Live Reptile Night

Discovery Night: Scales + Tales – Live Reptile Night

February Discovery Night
Thursday, February 7th 6-8pm

Discover the world of scales, tales, and cold-blooded creatures during this evening of reptilian exploration! Special live animal presentations from the Kentucky Reptile Zoo in Slade, KY will include snakes, lizards, an alligator and more! Also enjoy some cool, cold blooded activities and art projects such as:

• Turtle Races (make and race your own!)
• Lizard Bracelet Making
• The Great Snake Line Up (we’ll measure out different kinds of snakes with yarn – you’ll be amazed by how long a boa constrictor really is!)
• Reptile Clay Play (sculpt snakes, lizards, and more to add to our LASC reptilian display)
• PreK Activities: Lizard Finger Play & Snake / Lizard Sorting Game
• Reptile Egg Recipes (take a recipe card and baby “reptile” home to make your own reptile egg to open later!)

$2 per person suggested donation

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