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Mission To Antarctica With Ms. Debbie

Mission to Antarctica with Ms. Debbie

Mission to Antarctica with Ms. Debbie

Click HERE to check out Ms. Debbie’s adventures from the beginning.

My name is Debbie Harner and I am the Lead Discovery Educator at the Living Arts & Science Center in Lexington, KY. On February 13, 2020 I will embark on a journey of a lifetime! Through a grant by the National Science Foundation and a partnership with the UK Entomology Department, I get to spend six weeks aboard a research vessel visiting Antarctica and the surrounding islands. Our research will focus on the continent’s largest terrestrial animal…the Antarctic Midge!

I hope you’ll join my mission to Antarctica by following my travels and experiences here, on this blog. (New updates coming soon)

Teachers, parents and students, I encourage you to write me messages and questions and follow me on twitter @aflyonthepole. I could possibly visit your classroom when I return to share my stories first-hand. Please email me at for more information.

Stay tuned. I’ll be off on my mission to Antarctica shortly and I hope you’ll be following along.

Follow along and see where in the world is Ms. Debbie

Check out these webcams of Palmer Stations and a nearby penguin colony

Get started learning about the Antarctic Midge:

How Does Antarctica’s Only Native Insect Survive Extreme Cold?

Has climate change affected a bug that can stay frozen for 9 months? This UK researcher will find out

Learn all about the work done at the Insect Stress Biology Lab at the University of Kentucky


This expedition is funded by:

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