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The Living Arts & Science Center inspires participation in art and science by engaging the community through education, discovery, exploration and creativity.

Our mission is accomplished through hands-on and interactive instruction in arts and science directly from professional educators and active artists and scientists. Activities include collaborative experiences for the community, educational programs in schools, community centers, and other venues as well as free programming for all members of the Central Kentucky community. The LASC also offers education tailored to special needs, at risk and underserved children and adults. The staff and board of directors support this mission through maintaining high ethical standards and efficient oversight of the LASC.


Lifelong Learning: The LASC believes that people of all ages deserve accessible opportunities to learn and to be creative.

Community Outreach: The LASC believes that the community is stronger through opportunities for citizens to work, create and learn together.

Diversity in Service: The LASC believes that all of its representatives, staff, programs and services should respect all people equally without regard to race, creed, color, financial status, sexual orientation, gender, age, religion, disability or nationality.

Accountability and Transparency: The LASC believes in honoring the community’s trust through accountability and transparency of our programs and services.

Interactivity: The LASC believes in participation and interactivity and will strive to fully engage the staff, board of directors and community at-large.

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