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The Galleries at the Living Arts and Science Center

Kinkead Gallery

The Kinkead Gallery is dedicated to the family that once inhabited the original home completed in 1847, now the Living Arts and Science Center. Due to the historic nature of the space, it is important to acknowledge that George Kinkead, a lawyer, was an advocate for human rights and a proud abolitionist that established land to be granted to freed slaves surrounding the home. It boasts two large fireplaces with mantle pieces that stand as relics of another era and the large windows allow for a lot of light as well as opportunity for artistic inspiration. Each exhibit is open for solo or group shows ranging from 6 to 8 weeks and will showcase artists that support a strong tie to history, contemporary uses of traditional materials or techniques, and/or have a unique educational focus.  Artists that identify as persons of color, female, LGBTQ+, and/or any other underrepresented communities are strongly encouraged to apply to be featured in this space.

Glo Gallery

Located in the contemporary addition completed in 2016, the Glo Gallery, dedicated to local philanthropist Gloria Singletary, hosts a unique space that will feature artists that push the boundaries of mediums, reflect science and nature, celebrate achievement and advancement in artistic techniques, installations including light, sounds, and manipulating space, as well as supporting community connections. Each exhibit is open for solo or group shows ranging from 6 to 8 weeks. Local, regional, and national professional artists are encouraged to apply to be featured in this space.

Atrium Gallery

This flexible space is the connector between the historic space and new. When needed this space can be an extension of the Kinkead and Glo Gallery. Emerging artists are in encouraged to apply to gain professional gallery experience. Artists with specific special projects are also encouraged to apply.

Student Gallery

The Student Gallery is available for schools and classes to showcase K-12 artist achievement. This space will also highlight and celebrate student work created at the Living Arts and Science Center throughout the year. Teachers interested in utilizing the space please contact Gallery Director, Jeanette Tesmer

For any questions related to exhibit proposals, spaces available, or other contact Gallery Director, Jeanette Tesmer

The Galleries at the Living Arts and Science Center is accepting exhibit proposals for 2023 and 2024.

Educational theme for 2023: HOME

Educational theme for 2024: CONNECTION

Click here to be directed to the proposal form

Click here to see the Gallery Floor Plan

Click here for Map of Living Arts and Science Center

Artist Call for Upcoming Exhibits

Exhibition: DAY OF THE DEAD

Celebrating the visual culture and traditions of Dia de los Muertos through the work of Hispanic, Latino, Latina, Latinx artists.

Juror to be announced.

Exhibit opening October 21 – December 2

Reception and Celebration during Day of the Dead Festival November 1

Also open celebrated during Gallery Hop November 18

Delivery of work: October 12-18 (specific times and dates forthcoming)


ANNOUNCEMENT! Call for Curators of Color

At LASC, we acknowledge that we are a predominantly white run organization and as we continue to create diverse programming, it is imperative that we invite culturally appropriate representatives and their perspectives to reflective such programming. LASC is seeking guest curators of color to facilitate the artwork presented in our galleries during our Reflections exhibit (honoring artists of color) and Day of the Dead exhibit (honoring Hispanic, Latino/Latina, LatinX artists). An honorarium will be available.


If you are interested in sponsoring an exhibit please click here for information.

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