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BRAND NEW in the Marksbury Science Discovery Gallery

Expedition Odyssey

Expedition Odyssey: Exploring Extreme Habitats
Climb aboard a historic vessel as you voyage around the globe on an unforgettable, hands-on extreme habitat expedition! In celebration of the 500th anniversary of Ferdinand Magellan’s historic expedition around the globe, embark on your own exploration of extreme habitats!

While on board the ship, chart the course you wish to take to visit polar regions, deserts, the deep sea, caves, glaciers and tropical rainforests! Discover the diverse life forms supported by these unique ecosystems as you explore each region’s hands-on experimental and observation stations. Experience both ancient and cutting edge navigation tools – from maps and compasses to GPS and satellite technologies – to the world’s most extreme habitats. You can even imagine exploring space from the International Space Station!

On your adventure you’ll grab a passport, interact with scientists in Antarctica, meet LIVE animals from various regions and discover important environmental and animal adaptations. Spark your curiosity about the diverse life forms supported by these unique ecosystems and find out ways we can protect them!

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