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2021-2022 Discovery Exhibit: The Science of Color and Light

The Science of Color & Light is LASC’s newest Discovery Exhibit where curious minds can explore the science behind the world we see. Guests will have the opportunity to experiment with hands-on activities, examine shadows and color mixing while exploring our color shadow wall, and learn about infrared imaging!

Watch colors change with breaking white light into a colorful rainbow and tinker with 3D printed objects. Participants will also get the chance to manipulate light and shadows and even try your hand at color mixing!

*This exhibit is created with funding from Toyota, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and Solar Energy Solutions. Thank you to our amazing sponsors!

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DSC 0099 (4)
©Sarah Hoskins Class Large 01
ExhibitwebDSC00521Image 2HandsonH2OGirlwithbrainDSC 0099 (4)DSC04941©Sarah Hoskins Class Large 01

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