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We loved the hands on nature of both science and art experiences, that there weren’t any other schools there which makes for a less crazy/less worrisome day and that we can stay as one class to rotate through the stations. We loved that everything is organized and that there were knowledgeable teachers at each station. – Fayette County teacher

Registration is open for in-person Discovery Fieldtrips September 2021- May 2022. Please complete the registration form, below, and a staff member will reach out to you with a confirmation. Please email Kathryn Wallingford for more information about our Covid-19 refund and cancelation policies.


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2021-2022 Discovery Field Trips

Give your class an immersive experience in the arts and sciences!  Field trips to the Living Arts & Science Center are designed to meet your educational goals and are composed of one or more selected components as listed below. Specially designed full-day options at the LASC are also available by coordinating with Kathryn Wallingford

Build your day from the following components:

Component 1: The Science Discovery Exhibit

The Science of Color and Light
(Suitable for all grades)

The Science of Color & Light is LASC’s newest Discovery Exhibit where curious minds can explore the science behind the world we see. Guests will have the opportunity to experiment with hands-on activities, examine shadows and color mixing while exploring our color shadow wall, and play an interactive game that is projected on the wall!

Touch the Liquid Crystal Sheets and discover how the liquid crystal changes color with the heat of your hand, tinker with 3D printed objects and learn about how our eyes work. Participants will also get the chance to manipulate light and shadows and even try your hand at color mixing! *NGSS Alignment

Component 2: The Explorer’s Classroom
A companion program for the Science Discovery Exhibit.
The Explorers Classroom lets you and your students take a deeper look into subjects we introduce in The Science of Color and Light Discovery Exhibit. One of our Discovery Educators, will lead the group in a discussion about colors and color mixing we will also discover the science behind how our eyes perceive color, and create a color spinner that is sure to trick your eyes!

Component 3: The Planetarium
Observe the beauty and science of the night sky in our new digital planetarium. Select from one of ten new dome shows that explore colors and the electromagnetic spectrum, changes in the night sky, stars, planets, ice worlds, constellations, mythology, moon phases, and more. See a full listing of planetarium shows and show trailers.

Component 4: The Art Discovery Exhibit
See the various available art exhibits.
Field trips experience the dynamic work of local and regional artists, and the fascinating connections between art, science, history and culture. Groups will participate in an interactive activity in the gallery!

Discovery Field Trip Details:

LASC field trips are traditionally two hour visits, structured as “Triples,” and “Quads” and focus on art & science!

“Triple” Art & Science Discovery Field Trip
(three, 40 minute, selected components)
$7.00 per student and adult; teachers are free.
Less than 12 people: $95 flat fee.

“Quadruple” Art & Science Discovery Field Trip
(four, 30 minute, selected components)
$7.00 per student and adult; teachers are free.
This option is great for large groups, accommodates up to 100 students.
Less than 12 people: $95 flat fee.

*Discounts available for Title I Schools

The LASC is a peanut and tree nut free facility.


To schedule a field trip, please fill out and submit our Field Trip Form.

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