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In-person Wonders on Wheels outreaches ARE SUSPENDED UNTIL IT IS SAFE TO BE TOGETHER AGAIN! 

In the meantime, we are offering in virtual outreaches for teachers and home school programs across the state.  Please contact Kathryn Wallingford to learn more!

We are offering in-person field trips to the LASC, starting September 20th! Learn more about our Discovery Field Trips and we will see you soon!

Can’t come to us? We’ll bring the wonders of art and science to you!
The LASC will come to you with your choice of interactive arts and science experiences!  From the digital Discovery Dome Planetarium, to Kentucky Art and Culture, or Exploring Energy, the LASC’s WOW programs are perfect for student and public programs in schools, libraries and community centers. The following is a menu of offerings:

Science Discovery Outreach Programs

  • Discovery Dome Planetarium:
    Explore space, the night sky, and much more in our giant inflatable digital planetarium!  Select from numerous shows that explore changes in the Earth’s habitat, night sky, constellations, ice worlds, space exploration, dinosaurs, and more!  A full listing of shows and show trailers can be found HERE.
    Core Standards: ESS1.A, ESS1.B
  • STEAM Engineers:  How Things Work!:
    Be an engineer for a day as you solve problems, dream up new innovations, and discover creative solutions!  Delve into the engineering design process as you test and experiment. Design a roller coaster, build a Lego moon rover, make your own Rube Goldberg machine, construct a bridge and more! Core Standards: PS2-1, PS2-2, ETS1.A, PS2.A, PS2.B, PS2.C
  • Amazing Animals & Habitats!:
    From the forest to the ocean, discover the plants and animals of diverse ecological communities!  Learn how organisms are best adapted to their habitats and the important role water conservation and quality play in their survival!  This program features LIVE animals, hands-on activities, touch and feel show n’ tell items, games, costumes, and more!  Live animal appearances will include Fire Bellied Toads, Dart Frogs, glow-in-the-dark Axolotls, and a Corn Snake.
    Note: This outreach program may only be booked for one hour at locations outside of Fayette County.
    Core Standards: L-S1-1, ESS2-2. ESS3-3
  • Exploring Energy:  Light, Color, & Sound! Outreach Program:
    Explore the fascinating realm of energy, light, color, and sound in your Kentucky Utilitiesown classroom! This program features a variety of hands-on experiments and interactive activities including spectroscope making (prism viewers to take home), sound & vibration experiments, and more!
    Core Standards: PS4-1, PS4.A
  • The Art of Stories:  Fables, Myths, Printmaking!:
    Spice up your ELA unit with this hands-on, creative, story based art making program!  We’ll read and compare fables and myths, look for key ideas, and check out story craft and structure – then we’ll learn about the art of printmaking for students to create a personalized story in print form to take home!
    Core Standards: Visual Art Cr1.1, Cr1.2, Cr2.1, Cr2.3, Cr3.1, History 2.20, Culture & Society 2.16, 2.17, English Language Arts (ELA)

WOW Outreach Program Details
WOW outreach programs are typically 45 minutes in length for groups of 30 students or less.  We can accommodate groups of between 30-100 for an additional fee. A 15 minute transition time is required between presentations.

WOW Rates:
In Fayette Co.   $100.00 set-up fee; $100.00 fee per 45 minute program; $0.58 per mile round trip.

Outside of Fayette Co.   $125 set-up fee; $125 per 45 minute program; $0.58 per mile round trip mileage fee for ALL programs.

Title I Discount available.

Sponsored by: Kentucky Utilities

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