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As a retired special education para-professional children have always been foremost in my life, especially nurturing and educating them. It has been so for family, loved ones, and new acquaintances. It would be a much better world if we could all give back to our children especially in these challenging times. Our children need our guidance and unconditional love. They need our protection and nurturing also. Thru my innate gifts I have a venue such as the Living Arts and Science Center to share my gifts and insight. Also as a special education para I have been given the opportunity to teach and guide children with learning disabilities for 20 years which has given me insight and experience for this platform.  Planning to return to school next year to attain a BA in Fine Arts and ultimately minor in Psychology pursuing an Art Therapist career. I plan to utilize credits from my past as an aid in this pursuit towards this goal in assisting and healing children that have experiences childhood sexual abuse or rape.

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